Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She Works Hard for the Money

Mitten season is in full swing! I executed my yearly trip to the laundromat to wash and felt all the wool sweaters that will eventually become mittens this winter. The Big Dummy did a stellar job of getting me and my sweaters there in style. I got plenty of looks as I dumped five garbage bags full of wool sweaters out on the counter and began cutting off the pricetags and filling every washer in the joint.
My friend Anna was nice enough to do the dirty work, i.e. brave the Savers 1/2 off sale on Labor Day to buy 50 sweaters. I was in the Oregon wilderness enjoying a much needed vacation from life.

Anna is really the only woman I know brave and crazy enough to get bashed by old ladies with their shopping carts at a thrift store in Bloomington while she dug through racks and racks of clothes, looking for every single 100% wool sweater they had. Thanks lady.


charlymydog said...

Hi Holly, Great new blog.

My robot patches are working well!!!

Miss you guys,


charlymydog said...

dude? where are the posts? miss you! D.

emily said...

who is the big dummy?

emily said...

PS - you need to ad the widget that allows people to subscribe to your blog via emails!! i have it on mine if you need instructions.

emily said...

i forgot to check the thing that let's me know if you write back in the comments, so now I have to leave another comment.