Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Okay, Okay!

Alright, finally, I'm on it. After much hassling from friends, family, coworkers and business types and my constant whining about how I "just don't get the interwebs" I've decided to start using this whole blog thing. I hope you are reading this because you're interested in my work under the GroveCraft label. Great! Welcome! What should I have been telling you all this time? How about a current list of where you can buy my hats and other important info?

Current places to buy my hats:
1. Hiawatha Cyclery, Minneapolis, MN
Fantastic lads! Beautiful bikes, great service, always loving the GroveCraft hats.

2. The Hub Bike Coop, Minneapolis, MN
The best worker-owned coop in the land! Kick ass, two locations, great folks.

3. The Wedge Coop, Minneapolis, MN
I used to work there, now I still buy my groceries there, and they sell my hats. Good lady, that Adrien, always getting the hats. Look out for winter hats and mittens there later in the season.

4. Sunrise Cyclery, Minneapolis, MN
WOW! Great shop on the corner of lake and Bryant. Lots of cool stuff, including hats!

5. Re-Cycle Bikes, Minneapolis, MN
New shop, old bikes, good guys, gotta love someone whose email address is "Cutter".

That's all for now, folks. Check out my latest ad in Momentum Magazine, available free at many bike shops around town.


charlymydog said...

yey! holls you're on the interwebs. love you and miss you. p.s. nice blog! d.

jayzee said...

Way to go Holly Weezer...but I saw your mittens in a store in Sisters called Wisteria Chic!